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2020 Season Cancelled Due to Covid 19 Uncertanties

To all of North Shore Generals Nation...
We waited this out as long as we could, hoping for a better resolution . Unfortunately, given the current circumstances, the Generals must take an opt out season from play in the NEFL AAA conference this year. It is a difficult decision, as the Generals have never missed a season in 15 years in the league.
We have been waiting to see what is going to happen with regard to government guidelines, league direction, and the direction of other AAA teams.  Ultimately, we need to take all of this information into consideration and do what we feel is in the best interests of  our players and coaches and their families, as well as the organization as a whole.
We do not want to put anyone’s health or safety at risk, whether it be from COVID-19 or injury.  Uncertainty regarding field availability, scheduling, practices, government guidelines, fan access to games, sponsorships, finances, and a whole list of other concerns have led us to the decision that we will be best served sitting out this season and preparing to resume play in 2021.
To the NEFL management and those teams opting to play this season, we wish you the best of luck for a successful 2020.  Stay healthy and be safe!
Thank you.
Kevin Donahue
John Morant
North Shore Generals

Generals Prepare for 2020 Season:  New Players Welcome!

The North Shore Generlas are now gearing up for the 2020 season. If you are interested in playing or coaching  this season, please fill out the New Player Application and a coach will get back to you soon!

Generals to  Play in NEFL AAA Championship Game

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