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The Generals are committed to providing our players, coaches, volunteers and fans with an opportunity to participate in a fun and competitive football experience.  Our semi-pro football program values all who choose to become part of the North Shore Generals football family.


The Generals are looking for talented, coachable, hard-working, dedicated, and tough football players.  We want winners with the right attitude and mental toughness that can help us to compete and win a championship.


Putting together a quality football program at the semi-pro level requires certain commitments on behalf of our players.  All Generals players must understand these requirements and agree to abide by them.  If you cannot make the following commitments, the North Shore Generals is probably not the right semi-pro football program for you.


  • Respect all coaches, teammates, opponents, fans and league officials. You must conduct yourself in a professional manner on and off the field. That includes Facebook or any other social media.  Any behavior to the contrary may result in dismissal from the team.


  • Commitment to attend all team meetings, practices, and games on time.  If you cannot attend a meeting, practice, or game on time, you MUST notify the Head Coach or your Position Coach as soon as you know that you are unable to attend or if you will be late.  We are trying to manage at least 55 players, 6 coaches, and a dozen volunteers and vendors. Communication is important. Failure to notify the Head Coach or your Position Coach will be considered an unexcused absence.  An unexcused absence may result in dismissal from the team.


  • Players are required to regularly view the team’s Facebook page (North Shore Generals Football) and website ( for updated team information and news.  It is also important that we also have a working cell phone number for each player as we use a text messaging service to communicate team information.  If your phone number changes, you are required to give us the new number as soon as possible.


  • Players are expected to provide their own transportation to meetings, practices and games within a 1 hour drive of Lynn.  Car pooling is encouraged and available.  If you need help arranging transportation, please let us know as soon as possible.


  • All players are required to sign an NEFL veteran or first year player contract, as well as a Named Indemnity Agreement.  Failure to sign either document will prohibit you from playing for the Generals.


  • If you have previously played for another NEFL team, you are required to have a signed release form from that team.  Failure to do so will prohibit you from playing or practicing with the Generals.


  • All players are responsible for obtaining and maintaining their own equipment.  The Generals do have some equipment available for loan on a first-come first-served basis. We do maintain a full helmet and shoulder pad repair kit.  We do assist players in helping them to obtain their equipment.


  • All players are required to sign a promissory note for all equipment borrowed from the team.  Failure to return equipment in a timely manner could result in disciplinary action from the Generals and/or the NEFL.


  • Payment of non-refundable team registration/dues.  Veteran dues are $100 per year.  Rookie dues are $125 per year.  All players are encouraged to pay their dues in full as soon as possible for the benefit of the team.


Paying your player dues is very important.  Player dues do not even cover 25% of the Generals annual team expenses.  All players are encouraged to get team sponsorships in addition to paying their team dues to help with the expenses of running the team.


Your dues and sponsorship money go to pay for the following:


  • League Dues

  • Rental for practice fields for 25 to 35 practices

  • Rental for indoor practice facility

  • Rental for stadium and lighting on game days

  • Referees for 10 games plus playoffs

  • EMT and athletic trainers on game day

  • PA announcer and other game day staff

  • Game jerseys

  • Team t-shirts

  • Footballs and other equipment

  • Website, Facebook, text messaging services
  • Meeting expenses

  • Administrative costs and supplies

  • Team services


    If there are any questions regarding any of these requirements, see Kevin Donahue for clarification.  Otherwise all players are expected to fulfill all commitments and requirements.

We look forward to a fun and winning season!

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